Triple Glazing – Is It Worth It?

With the cost of living ever increasing, homeowners would like to institute the best saving means they could have.  One of the expenses that we can control is on electricity.  Thanks to government which is requiring homeowners to comply with some standards on energy conservation.


We want our home to be comfortable and comfort for us generally means being able to enjoy our home without having to experience extreme temperature changes brought about by weather.  We do not want unnecessary nuisances, draughts or noise to interfere us.  Having the best windows can help us in achieving all of these.  From single glazed windows, the double-glazed type came about and true enough it was able to address issues that single counterpart wasn’t able to.  But window manufacturer did not stop there and that is why they have introduced the triple-glazed windows to offer more benefits than ever.

triple glaze

Triple glazed windows boast an extra glass pane to improve the features of a double-glazed window.  Scandinavian regions are known to prefer the triple glazing all because of its ability to achieve minimum energy loss.  But is triple glazing your only choice?  You have an option.  There are some other ways you can improve glazing efficiency without the need for an extra pane.  They are cheaper and ROI is better.  Also, difficulties in fitting are reduced.  For example, you can add special coatings to the existing glass. This will stop or minimize the heat from escaping.  Another would be using inert glass to fill cavities between the two existing panes.  Using this would enhance the ability to retain heat without the need for a third glass pane.

When do triple-glazed windows come in?  They are great when windows that are medium in size which are great in large are. The reason for this is that triple-glazed windows have lower U-value compared to double-glazed windows.  (U-value is the temperature difference between inside and outside home temperature.) Should you desire to have a window design with several apertures that can bring more light into your home, then triple glazing is without doubt a good choice,

You must also realize that any kind of glazing will still depend on the materials used and how good the fitting is done.  Even if you have triple-glazed windows but the sealing are not properly done would not serve your purpose and will just be a waste of money.  Hence, you have to hire a good contractor for this job, one that is reliable and have mastered the trade. Another consideration also is that triple-glazed windows will not serve its purpose when your roof and wall are not properly insulated.

So, if you are thinking of having a triple-glazed windows, you have to properly evaluate your budget because it is not just installing triple-glazed windows, there are things you have to make sure that your house have so that you will be able to achieve the purpose of triple glazing.



Things to Consider When Adding a Conservatory to Your Home

Conservatories are great addition to your home.  It does not only increase your living space but can also increase the value of your home.  Uses of conservatories have evolved over time.  You can use it anyway you see it fit.  It could be your living room or dining.  You can use it whatever suits you but here are some of the things you can try to consider when you wish to add a conservatory to your home.



  1. As mentioned earlier, you can use your conservatory in any way you want. There is no limit to its usage.  It can be an office space, dens or playroom.  However, the thing you must note is that when it is not fully equipped with cooling and heating systems, it can be freezing whenever it‘s cold and also boiling when it’s hot. While our intent is to add more living space, we should also see to the overall comfort and that could mean additional expense.
  1. Usually conservatories are situated at the back portion of the house. That’s great but if there is a great sunlight on the side of the house, you can also consider that.  When you have a conservatory facing east, you’ll get plenty of morning sun.  Meanwhile, if it’s facing west, you’ll find it cool in the mornings and warmer towards the afternoon.  Conservatories facing the north should be angled well because the sun can cause overheat especially on very hot days.  A south position can trap the sun and it could get extremely hot.
  1. Conservatories can be costly so it is best that you are able to use it all year round and not be dependent when the weather allows you too. You will have to install a heating and cooling system if you want to take advantage of your conservatory to the fullest.  Portable heaters won’t really last long, so if you are considering that, better think twice.  A good idea is to set up an electric heating underfloor.  The floor becomes warm and the heat goes upwards extending warmth all throughout the entire room.
  1. Installing blinds can help give insulation especially in winter time and keep the cold in summertime. It helps in reducing glare, preventing colors of your furnishings from fading so soon.  Further, it gives you privacy.
  1. There are various conservatory designs. You can find elaborate ones and there are also those that are plain that is more of a contemporary design. Depending on the material, it can be costly.  UPVC conservatory is affordable.  It’s usually white and has a wooden look.  It requires low maintenance.  Aluminum material is durable and offers more versatility but it surely cost more.  Conservatory out of wood is also great but more expensive than UPVC and aluminum.

So there you go, these tips should help you, in case you are planning to have a conservatory constructed.  The best should be one that goes well with the style of your house.


6 Useful Tips for Choosing Exterior Window Design

When you are in your home, it is always a great treat to relax both the comfort of your home brings and the refreshing view outside.  Windows allow you to experience both.  It has the ability to connect you to your outside environment while you are also in the interior of your home.  If you are thinking of  giving your home a new look you may want to consider some tips in choosing the best exterior window design for your home.


  1. Consider your home’s architecture

Before a house is constructed, it passes through the hands of an architect  who gets a blueprint going whatever the homeowner has in mind.  Therefore each house has certain uniqueness.  A particular window design may look good in your neighbours house but not necessarily to yours.  If you have a contemporary house design then the window must  go with that look or else putting something that looks good with a Victorian design.  Adhere to the architecture of the house.

  1. Consider the purpose

Knowing your purpose will help you decide on what type of window you would have.  Naturally windows are there to let the sunlight get through our home and provide the necessary ventilation.  Those are the windows’ basic functions.  But you see, if you want a window where you can also directly access your porch then that is something else.  Identifying other purposes other than the two basic functions will give you a clearer idea on what will work best for you.  Answering question like,  “Do you want more light to enter into a darker space of your home?”is important.

  1. Consider the best colours to accent your window frames

Choosing the color for frames to create a perfect match for your house’s color scheme is as important.  You can also choose two colours to have better harmony and accent.  You can visit a home improvement center.  They usually have pre-chosen color palettes. This way, you won’t spend so much time on this task.

  1. Consider ventilation

Movement of fresh air is essential.  It keeps the house comfortable at all times.  The type of windows you choose should suit this purpose.  There are windows that are operable.  This means that you can close and open it as you wish.  There are also windows which belong to the fix type which are more suitable in expansive area in the house.  Usually a combination of both works well.


  1. Consider your interiors

While it is great to achieve a beautiful look of your house from the outside, it is equally or even more important that the interiors are aesthetically good to look at.  Hence, the windows must also be appropriate. Large expansive windows are appropriate in the living room area but not in the bathroom.

  1. Consider the sun orientation

You may want to sit with your architect with this one.  You do not want to have too much sun during afternoon coming in your family room.